UNStudio's Landmark Proposal for Peace Park Ferris Wheel Redefines Seoul's Skyline

UNStudio’s Landmark Proposal for Peace Park Ferris Wheel Redefines Seoul’s Skyline

UNStudio, in collaboration with Arup and local firm Heerim Architecture, has unveiled the proposal for the “Peace Park Wheel.” Designed as a landmark at Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul, UNStudio successfully won the preliminary competition and is set to partner with Seoul Housing & Community Corp. The ferris wheel proposal is part of the mayor’s vision: “Han River with a Thousand Sunsets,” aiming to establish numerous public spaces along the Han River for the city’s residents.

The 180-meter-tall Seoul Twin Eye is envisioned as a revolutionary building that will be located next to the World Cup Stadium on the banks of the Han River. The ferris wheel features overlapping rings that carry pods that glide over both inside and outside rails. In fact, the wheel can hold 64 capsules, each holding 20-25 people. With a capacity to hold around 1,400 people at once, “Peace Park Wheel” can hold nearly twice as many as the London Eye can hold.

Situated atop a cultural complex rising to a height of 40 meters, the wheel will reach a height of 220 meters, making it the highest spokeless ferris wheel globally and guaranteeing panoramic views over Seoul. The scheme includes designs for a zip line and a monorail that aims to improve visitors’ experience and connect the subway station to the ferris wheel. The design philosophy revolves around unity, which is inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an astronomical clock that represents the chronological movement of heavenly objects.

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Located in the heart of the city, this spokeless design references Korea’s boundless ambition for innovation and spirit of progress, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a timeless appreciation for stability and beauty. –Ben van Berkel, UNStudio.

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The two-ring structure offers stability, which is assessed for earthquake and wind resistance. Following a final phase study by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Seoul Metropolitan Government declared its intention to start construction in 2025 and is set to complete it by 2028.

UNStudio recently unveiled the design of the new Hiwell Amber Centre, a complex of four high-rise towers planned to add a mix of offices, apartments, hotels, art spaces, and retail to the city center of Hangzhou, China. Additionally, the studio was selected as the winner of the international competition for a mixed-use development in Germany. The proposal features two mixed-use towers measuring up to 120 meters, surrounded by a low-rise community pavilion. Finally, UNStudio was commissioned last year to create a human-centric mixed-use destination on the waterfront of Nanjing, China.

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