Garu House / Estudio Tecla

Garu House / Estudio Tecla

Text description provided by the architects. The main objective of the comprehensive renovation of Casa Garu was focused on transforming a typical “Casa Chorizo” into a bright and open space, where light and spaciousness became the protagonists. The priority was to eliminate the feeling of darkness and disconnection between spaces while respecting and reusing existing valuable elements.

Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography, Beam, Windows

The original house had an old layout with dark and poorly connected spaces. To counteract this limitation, we decided to demolish all the walls of the central space and open up the patio with floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, the decision was made to preserve some original elements of architectural value, such as the wooden floors and the vaulted ceiling, which were restored, creating a contrast between the old and the new.

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The patio had a floor of dark ceramics and an unused metal staircase, resulting in unpleasant views from the living area. That’s why we decided to dismantle it and create a green space that connects with the interior of the house.

Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography, Stairs, Bedroom

The result is a large space with multiple uses, where natural light filters without obstacles, creating a sense of spaciousness and clarity throughout the environment.

Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography, Kitchen, Windows, Beam
Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography

One of the most prominent features of the central space is a continuous piece of furniture that serves various functions in the house. This piece starts as a kitchen countertop, transforms into the staircase leading to the mezzanine, and finally becomes a functional element in the living area. This solution maximizes the use of space and provides functionality to different areas.

Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography

In addition to the interior transformation, the façade was restored. The original door was preserved as a historical element, while corrugated metal modules were added, alternating between solid and micro-perforated, which can be opened and closed according to their function.

Garu House / Estudio Tecla - Interior Photography, Windows, Door, Facade

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