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Text description provided by the architects. The plot has a significant slope over most of its surface, with a difference in elevation between the front of the road (north boundary) and the back (south boundary) of approximately 17 meters. Access is through Atzavara Street, at the highest point of the plot (approx. elevation 180). The project includes having meters at street level (northeast corner). The house consists of a main volume (entrance to the house and night area), under which is the day area, fully connected and projected towards the outside (terrace and views), where the pool is located. The volume that forms the night area is understood as a rocky mass that shelters the main space of the house. 

1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Interior Photography, Living Room, Beam
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1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Exterior Photography, Deck

Access to the plot, both for vehicles and pedestrians, is through the roof of the house, with the garage attached to the street (occupying 1/3 of the length of the front of the plot) fully integrated into the terrain profile (thanks to a garden roof at road level), and using the same roof as access and maneuvering space. This access roof offers views of Aiguablava cove. Access to the house is through a patio that connects the roof with the floor immediately below (level -1). This patio space, open at the top, is completely closed around its exterior perimeter and completely open to an interior vestibule, forming a single perceptual space. This allows the views to disappear upon entering this solid volume and not reappear until reaching level -2 (day area). On this access floor are the vestibule (including the spiral staircase leading to the lower level – day area), a laundry room, and three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms that have access to a covered terrace nestled within the solid volume, with views.

1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Exterior Photography, Facade

 The day area level is divided into two main spaces, the public area where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are located; and a private area where the main bedroom is, with a full bathroom and dressing room. In the same rear service area is a guest bathroom. All these spaces directly open onto the terraced garden where the pool is located, which serves as a viewpoint oriented towards the views of Aiguablava Cove. The different levels are interconnected with an elevator, allowing quick access from the garage to the day area through an interior space. Volumetrically, the project proposes a large concrete volume with two “bites” containing the room openings. These openings can be closed with sliding wooden louvers that can be retracted within the space not occupied by the “bites.” 

1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Exterior Photography
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1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Interior Photography, Living Room, Bed, Bedroom

The lower part, on the other hand, is designed as a void under the volume, becoming a sort of porch that can be understood and used as an interior space (when the windows are closed) or as an exterior space (when the windows are open). To achieve this effect, the sliding windows fold completely within the wall separating the public and private parts of that floor. In this way, when all the windows are open, the interior and exterior merge into a single space. The materialization seeks simplicity and honesty, using noble materials such as concrete, wood, and glass for the construction of the house, as well as gabion walls and natural stone on the exterior.

1615 House / Nordest Arquitectura - Interior Photography, Facade, Concrete

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