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Text description provided by the architects. A marriage that celebrates 59 years of being together commissioned their mausoleum. He is 82 years old, and she is 80. The site is located in Santiago’s General Cemetery, specifically in Patio No. 61, in a 3.75m x 3.20m plot, with an area of 12 m2.

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The project aims to create a sense of protection and endurance over time. Materials such as stone, concrete, and metal sheets are the main repertoire; timeless materials that ensure the structure remains in a state of permanent latency.

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Solid blocks of Basalt stone, extracted from local quarries and sculpted by artisans were transported 11 kilometers and laid out on the site. 7 tons of stone rest on retaining walls; buried structures that create two underground niches, providing shelter for the future caskets.

The central area of the plot was chosen to locate the mausoleum. Keeping a setback distance from adjacent tombs, the central space is defined by the dimensions of two bodies laid together. Four elements, two vertical and two horizontal, define the boundaries of the site, enclosing a space within, for gathering, dialogue, and contemplation.

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Inside, the 2-meter-high polished stone blocks, reflect those who stand before them, symbolically bridging the present with the reflections of past memories. On the outside, the stones’ natural raw finish beckons an interpretation of two bodies, each with its unique characteristics.

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These blocks -3 tons each- aim to construct a coherent physical form capable of transcending time; a lasting presence representing those who rest in this place. Each texture provides a different temperature to the touch, conveying various meanings simultaneously. 7 tons of stone, placed on a 12 m2 area, carry not only significant physical weight but also a symbolic one, representing unity and continuity, forging a connection between the project’s present and future. From two individuals who have lived their lives together, and from two bodies that will rest side by side, arises this Mausoleum, a tomb for two, or a meeting plaza.

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