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Text description provided by the architects. Transformation of commercial premises with a reduced surface area. The program required the optimization of a small 50 m2 space for a variety of simultaneous uses. The intervention is based on maximum purification plus the incorporation of bespoke furniture elements that relate to each other. The geometric adaptation of the pieces produces a series of synergies that, around a pillar, allow for different spatial configurations and cease to be an obstacle.

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The construction process also had to require structural interventions due to unforeseen problems discovered in previous interventions. Two metallic pillars appeared, concealed in a partition wall, which had no continuity with respect to the upper floors and was poorly executed to cover an existing gap in the premises that connected with the first floor. Both for reasons of functionality and out of consideration for the building itself, it was decided to intervene in the structure with a solution of technical and spatial cleanliness so that the space would be left free, the structure cleaned up and the new beam exposed and integrated.

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The project recovers elements that appeared by surprise after the demolition, such as plaster moldings that appeared by surprise when the existing false ceiling was demolished, as well as an in situ terrazzo floor made of molds and pigment that was hidden under a poor quality floor, and the free height of the premises belonging to a building from 1940. It helps to reduce the environmental impact by recycling and reusing these forgotten existing elements, restoring the lost essence of the space and promoting its cultural roots.

Naturanda / Ignacio Frade - Interior Photography, Glass

These original pieces from the mid-20th century are integrated with new elements of the project in a contemporary key. The dialogue between the new and the old is achieved optimally with absolute respect and maximum consideration for the space, improving habitability by taking advantage of its full height and flexibility achieved in a space that is now open-plan (thanks to the structural intervention). All of this can be used for a composition that integrates the use of the corporate color in a specific way in elements of the project that unifies the language of the proposal.viga vista e integrada.

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