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Dapu Elementary and Junior High School Affiliated Kindergarten. Nestled in the mountainous region of Chiayi County, Dapu Township bears a significant history. In 1973, the construction of the Tseng Wen Reservoir led to the flooding of its valley plains and towns. Consequently, much of its land was either nationalized or designated as protected forest reserves, transforming Dapu into an enchanting sanctuary.

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Located on the eastern side of Dapu Junior High School and Elementary School, this building was constructed at a total cost of 1.6 million dollars. With a total floor area of 945 square meters, the two-story structure serves as a multifaceted educational space. The ground floor houses three preschool classrooms and a multi-purpose activity room, while the upper floor is dedicated to a community reading station. In Dapu Township, where educational resources and indoor communal learning spaces are limited, this is especially crucial as most local children are primarily raised by their grandparents. The preschool and community reading station work in close synergy. Architecturally distinct, the building features three separate volumes: the standard rectangular classrooms, the circular multi-purpose space, and the crescent-shaped reading room. Together, they form a protected, circular environment for children, clearly separating indoor and outdoor atmospheres.

45° Kindergarten / office aaa - Interior Photography, Chair
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The classroom layout aligns with the campus axis and property boundary, while the distinct circular multifunctional space serves dual purposes as both an indoor activity area for the preschool and a weekend childcare facility. The second-floor community reading station is angled at 45 degrees to face the reservoir and distant Matoushan to the northwest, providing a comforting sense of enclosure for the preschool.

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The architectural volumes of the first and second floors are closely connected yet maintain their individuality. The column spacing along the X and Y axes is uniform at 6 meters, which represents the most efficient structural design. The 45-degree rotation on the second floor still allows for appropriate column placement. The staircase adopts the angle differences between the upper and lower floors, forming a Y-shaped staircase that appears to descend from the second floor. This feature is unique in the building as it is the only element angled at 45 degrees. Upon reaching the landing, one is confronted with two orthogonal staircases that ultimately lead to the same space. This arrangement requires a readjustment of both visual and physical perception, similar to reading the landscape surrounded by mountain ranges. The nearly hidden structural system on the first floor is contrasted by a dramatic baroque-style bifurcated staircase on the second floor.

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