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Text description provided by the architects. The project involves the creation and construction of a Distribution Centre for Maison Simons, a large chain of retail clothing and home decoration stores. The building, with a total area of 53,420 m2, is located on a 195,360 m2 piece of land in the north section of Quebec City, in the Espace d’innovation Chauveau. The new Distribution Centre and adjoining office space facility, named Campus Simons, offers an inspiring and architecturally modern design.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Exterior Photography, Facade

This large-scale, state-of-the-art industrial, and logistics development site presents a number of innovative aspects. Innovations Inspired by the fashion industry, the concept revolves around the symbolic themes of modeling and weaving and promotes architectural cohesion and occupant well-being. The project features pure lines and a contemporary, refined look. The office building brings together two overlapping volumes—one solid, the other glazed—that retrace the transformation of raw materials into a finished, woven product.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Interior Photography, Living Room

The solid volume is weightlessly structured and reflects creative thought. Its aluminum paneling forms a vibration-like interplay between light and shadow that mimics the effervescence of artistic design. The glazed volume represents the end product of the weaving process; more relaxing and peaceful, its spaces are bathed in natural light. Overall space distribution is characterized by contrasting colored volumes. A pattern of interlacing threads adorns the concrete outer walls, creating a subtle rhythm that suggests a high-technology setting and high-speed e-commerce data processing.

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Environmental qualities and sustainability. The project was designed according to the principle of consistency, with the aim of striking a balance between landscape and architecture. The plan centered on minimizing the impact on the environment and on the wooded areas around the site. Also, the project followed bioclimatic design principles, with conceptual emphasis on solar orientation and its bioenergy contribution to indoor comfort. Furthermore, special care was given to selecting renewable and environment-friendly materials, as well as to maximizing performance and energy efficiency. As a final point, this project’s green construction strategy in harmony with the natural surroundings is equivalent to a LEED® certification and a testament to the site’s sustainability and the quality of its environmental footprint.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Interior Photography

Orientations of interior design. The principle of overall coherence between landscape and architecture begins with the inseparable link between the exterior and the interior of the project. To meet this desire we designed the plan by mastering the perspectives and viewpoints from the inside to the outside and vice versa. This work of transparency and connection with the nature of the site offers users a visual escape and a direct relationship with the landscaped environment.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Interior Photography, Kitchen

The programming and interior design of this work campus consisted first of all in controlling the flow between the offices and the distribution center through a main artery and natural direct interior paths to create a human, dynamic work environment, efficient and above all flexible. The orientations and concerns relating to interior design were aimed at giving users spaces bathed in natural light and offering them a real experience of collaborative space by offering them the possibility of being able to gather, meet and exchange in every place in the project.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Interior Photography
Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Interior Photography

The objective of this approach was to foster the team and community spirit that underpin the values and culture of Maison Simons. The overall architectural composition as well as the interior architectural principles were dictated by the desire to put the user, the needs, and the functions of the program at the heart of our design. The Simons Campus Project’s identity and vocation are to provide La Maison Simons with a stimulating and inspiring work environment focused on the daily well-being of its employees.

Campus Simons / GKC Architectes - Exterior Photography, Facade

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