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Text description provided by the architects. Escaping from the residential constructions that surround it, the idea of ​​housing arises from the rural landscape near the neighborhood. It is inspired by the farms that dot the landscape on the borders between the city and the countryside, where simple buildings of an industrial or agricultural nature appear.

P+E House / Voilá! - Interior Photography, Chair, Facade

The basis of the idea is summarized in the concept of “a farm”. A recreational land in a peripheral neighborhood with an appearance similar to the nearby industrial and agricultural buildings, but with a happy soul for family life.

P+E House / Voilá! - Interior Photography

In compliance with urban planning regulations, the building is located at the northern end of the plot, within the mandatory alignments, freeing up the garden on the southern strip of the plot. The planned home has been planned on the ground and first floors, in addition to a basement that is illuminated by a strip of patio in the separation with the northern boundary. The buildability is limited in terms of cubic meters, so it was decided to fragment the volume so that it generates additional terrace spaces.

P+E House / Voilá! - Interior Photography, Living Room, Sofa, Windows
P+E House / Voilá! - Interior Photography, Living Room
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The functional location of the pieces unfolds along this longitudinal axis, facing south and directed towards the garden. The northern strip of the house houses the servant facing north, such as circulations and wet rooms. Even though it is a simple volume, more complex spaces are generated by emptying the volume on each floor.

P+E House / Voilá! - Interior Photography, Dining room, Table, Chair

A building has been designed with a high degree of compactness, insulation, and airtightness following passive house standards. The same profiled sheet metal finish is used on both facades and roofs. Inside, friendlier materials such as wood are introduced to provide warmth to the living space.

P+E House / Voilá! - Exterior Photography, Windows, Chair

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