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Text description provided by the architects. This project transcends the limits of simple physical construction. It is a philosophical manifestation that seeks to establish a harmonious dialogue between humans, nature, and architecture. The central idea of this project is the pursuit of essence, purity of elements, and simplicity.

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The composition of pure volumes reveals a kind of modernist and minimalist “quotation,” where each element has a precise purpose and contributes to the beauty and functionality of the space. The relationship between the surroundings and the garden is essential to this proposal, as it aims to integrate humans with the natural environment, creating a perfect symbiosis between architecture and the exterior.

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The large glass windows play a crucial role in this relationship. They both enclose the space, creating a sense of protection and security and extend it to the exterior, allowing nature and light to freely permeate, establishing an intimate connection between the interior and the exterior.

Garden Pavilion / spaceworkers - Interior Photography, Facade

The two enclosed blocks house the programmed functions of services and guest support. The seemingly heavy concrete roof defies gravity by balancing on the base volumes and a tangential vertical element, functioning as a pillar/compositional element that supports the entire structure.

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This roof, a concrete grid with glass openings, explores a transcendental dimension by bringing the sky into the architecture, thereby contributing to making an apparently heavy element light.

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At the end, the project can be summarized by its ultimate purpose: to be a stage for the events that will take place there. It is an architecture that attempts to transcend matter, inviting users to experience simplicity, purity, and integration with nature, which are the fundamental elements here.

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