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Text description provided by the architects. With approximately 10,000 m² and a triple ceiling height of 15 m, the new headquarters of Nubank was designed in one of the ships of one of the old warehouses of the Votorantim group, in Vila Leopoldina, now retrofitted by the MM18 Architecture office, led by architects Marcos Caldeira and Mila Strauss. The Nubank-Spark project, as it was named, was designed based on the horizontality of the complex and its industrial structure, as well as aiming to reconcile Nubank’s commitment to integrating with local architecture and integrating the team into its culture.

Nubank Spark Offices / MM18 Arquitetura - Interior Photography, Chair, Beam

The result is the materialization of a dynamic and integrated work environment, which aligns smoothly with the characteristics of the neighborhood, considering the master plan and business perspectives of Vila Leopoldina, which is gradually becoming a technological hub due to its proximity to universities and creative agencies in the region.

Nubank Spark Offices / MM18 Arquitetura - Interior Photography, Facade

For the implementation of the program requirements, the office delved into the company’s culture, which values knowledge exchange and a variety of connections, reflected in the new headquarters, designed to accommodate companies, partners, and employees – around 1,700 people. The space consists of a ground floor, of 4,400 m², and three custom mezzanines, of 1,320 m² each. A program that accommodates 750 formal workstations, meeting rooms of different sizes, shared and individual workspaces, kitchens, dining areas, meeting squares, relaxation areas, and a health center.

Nubank Spark Offices / MM18 Arquitetura - Exterior Photography

Right at the main entrance, you can see a bit of the purpose of this new space: its entrance is open to the public and features a NuCafé to welcome visitors. This area on the ground floor was designed by architects to be a meeting place, to strengthen bonds and promote team interaction in the post-pandemic period, where the work model is hybrid. A DayOne area – an auditorium with a capacity for up to 400 people – was allocated there to accommodate in-person events with the teams.

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Also located there is the “Nu Square”, a space designed to be a center of integration, innovation, and collaboration. The integration of natural elements, such as green islands, helps create a healthy and inspiring environment. In addition, preserving the natural lighting of the roof reinforces the environmental commitment in the project, also explored in other areas, such as maximizing the use of existing structures and facilities, and reducing the waste generation rate.

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“A living organism that allows the adaptation of environments according to the needs of all who occupy it. For this reason, the materials used have a long lifespan and the elements were chosen and arranged in a way that, easily and quickly, can be modified over time,” explains Mila Strauss, architect and partner at MM18. Among the original elements of the building, the burnt cement on the walls and ceiling was preserved, while contemporary elements were added. This is the case with the honeycomb ceiling, which helps delineate areas according to their design.

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An existing spiral staircase connects the mezzanines, which receive different layouts for uses and forms of work. On these three floors, workstations were arranged and grouped between meeting rooms of different capacities, booths, phone booths, relaxation spaces, and informal open meeting areas. The luminaires, with a linear and curved language and different applications, sometimes pendants, sometimes overlapping, reinforce the variety of the layout.

Nubank Spark Offices / MM18 Arquitetura - Interior Photography, Dining room, Table, Chair
Nubank Spark Offices / MM18 Arquitetura - Interior Photography, Dining room, Table, Chair

Acoustically isolated environments, with elements such as antechambers and double layers, were placed in the auditorium, and acoustic cladding materials, such as ceilings and wall panels, were applied to enhance the comfort and intelligibility of workspaces and contribute to the realization of more private meetings and exchanges on a daily basis.

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Landscaping also played an important role in the project’s conception, bringing plants such as the philodendron-xanadu, the jibóia, the raffia palm, the costela-de-adão, and the cascading philodendron to the corporate space. The result is a welcoming project that expresses a commitment to the appreciation of equitable participation. A space that strengthens and promotes collaboration among directors, partners, and employees, driving innovative strategic decisions over time. A plural headquarters, designed for knowledge exchange, team integration, creating real connections, and being a truly open and comfortable experience of Nubank’s values.

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