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Text description provided by the architects. Nestled within the undulating embrace of mountainous terrain, this weekend retreat beckons tranquillity-seeking souls to immerse themselves in a sanctuary that harmonizes seamlessly with nature’s contours. The client’s vision was to create a familial haven, a space where cherished moments could unfold amidst the serene backdrop of nature’s grandeur. Upon encountering the site’s majestic contours, a profound commitment to preservation and integration emerged. Rather than imposing a foreign structure upon the land, our design ethos embraced the existing topography, maintaining the site’s natural contours to preserve its unique characteristics.

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We aimed to let the space do justice to the site, seeking symbiosis rather than dominance. This led to the creation of a multi-level retreat that seamlessly intertwines with the landscape, offering occupants a truly immersive experience. At the heart of our design narrative lies the delicate balance between privacy and communal connectivity. This duality is elegantly expressed through the spatial organization, with distinct zones carefully curated to cater to both intimate retreats and convivial gatherings. The lowermost level cradles the living quarters, where floor-to-ceiling windows dissolve the boundary between indoors and out, inviting the surrounding panorama to become an integral part of daily life.

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Ascending to the second level, the dining area and master bedroom reveal themselves, each strategically positioned to optimize views and foster moments of shared culinary delight. Here, a live kitchen arrangement adds a dynamic layer to mealtime rituals, infusing the space with warmth and conviviality. Meanwhile, the third level hosts an additional kitchen, its vantage point offering a birds-eye perspective of the dining area below, underscoring the ethos of communal engagement that permeates every facet of the design.

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A standout feature of this retreat is the infinity pool, designed to blend seamlessly with the mountains and the structure itself. This pool allows one to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding peaks without any obstacles, offering a unique opportunity to merge with nature while sitting by the water. As daylight fades and the mountains cast their ethereal silhouette, the retreat transforms into a realm of nocturnal enchantment. The bedrooms on the first floor offer a cocoon of comfort, and their panoramic vistas serve as a nightly lullaby for weary souls. For those seeking respite from the heat of the day, the pool beckons, its tranquil waters mirroring the majestic peaks that loom overhead. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the retreat stands as a testament to functional innovation. Wide openings facilitate natural ventilation, ensuring a constant flow of fresh mountain air permeates every corner of the retreat.

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 The distinctive butterfly roof serves not only as a striking architectural feature but also as a functional marvel, efficiently channeling rainwater to a central drain, thus preserving the structural integrity of the retreat while nurturing the surrounding ecosystem.  Facing formidable challenges, from significant contour differentials to steep access roads, our design journey was one of adaptation and innovation. Yet, through each obstacle, we remained steadfast in our commitment to honoring the land and crafting a retreat that stands as a testament to the beauty of harmonious coexistence.  This weekend sanctuary embodies the perfect balance between human comfort and the pristine, unspoiled splendor of the natural world.

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