Text description provided by the architects. On this opportunity, Belen and Tro contacted us regarding the renovation of their newly acquired house, located in the neighborhood of Parque Chacabuco. We were faced with an interesting challenge: an existing building that needed to reclaim the value of most of its spaces, which already possessed an interesting and distinct aesthetic. However, this needed to be accomplished without expanding beyond the existing square meters.

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography, Countertop
PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography, Windows

We began by reconfiguring the interiors in a more logical manner, integrating the living room space with the kitchen in a functional design that prioritized the entry of light through two strategic operations. The first involved drilling into the existing slab in the new kitchen area, which we annexed to a new internal patio, thereby improving overall views and enhancing the ventilation of the inner house environment. 

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Image 21 of 25

The second operation consisted of removing an existing awning located in the main patio of the house, allowing us to repurpose it in a more efficient manner while maximizing natural light and air access throughout the majority of the project.

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography, Table, Chair
PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography, Windows, Chair

Moving towards other areas, we focused on the terrace, a stepped, secluded, and fragmented sector that needed to be transformed to encourage social gatherings within the home. 

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography

We proposed a reconfiguration of the staircase, adding new steps and linking them with a step gesture that facilitates a playful ascent to the highest point of the PH. All of this was achieved while carefully restructuring the party walls to recompose the entire volume, thereby avoiding unwanted views.

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Image 13 of 25

In summary, the house features two voids that ensure light and ventilation throughout the day, culminating in a cohesive space that seeks to preserve the existing elements while integrating new and improved interventions.

PH MIRO / PH TIPO CASA - Interior Photography, Windows

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