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Text description provided by the architects. Woodville designs, develops for workshop production, coordinates, and assembles energy-efficient accommodation units with dry and light construction technology, based on wood and its derivatives.

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From the conjunction of industrialization, lightening, sustainability, ecology and extraordinary advancement in joining means, engineered wood reemerges as a reinvented construction material. Woodville fully trusts in wood as a basic material for the materialization of its products, not only for its expressiveness but especially for its functional possibilities. Forgetting that wood, due to its almost ubiquitous condition on the planet, its regenerable quality – unique in construction materials – together with its ease of manufacturing with low energy consumption, make it the reference material in affordable low-tech building systems.

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The project is practically materialized through a single construction product: a composite panel formed with two structural wooden boards and an interposed insulating core with load transmission capacity, which makes it a highly versatile element – ​​suitable for application both vertically and horizontally – and multipurpose, since it combines the functions of structure and enclosure. They are characterized by the extraordinary efficiency resulting from their design, capable of extracting the maximum benefits from the materials that make up the sandwich.

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The SIP panel is the basis of a self-developed construction concept specifically conceived for the industrialized production of Woodville company’s products under design criteria for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA). The company operates through a delocalized network of approved suppliers (preferably close to the logistics coordination center) that supply materials, components and equipment or services; an agile response system that allows elastic adaptation to changing demand conditions. The supplier network is fed by a component management system supported by a BOM (bill of materials) linked to the digital twin.

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Woodville launches the mohma model in four versions and three sizes on the market. All of them share the central module that contains everything that allows the unit to be enjoyed comfortably, consequently it constitutes the minimum room cell. The central piece can be complemented with one or two attached wings to set up the two medium versions or the large one respectively. These have mezzanines that expand the useful surface, which provides a fluid spatial experience not devoid of a certain richness, especially if we take into account the dimensions of the units. Mohma offers simple, bright and neat spaces, aimed at providing a comfortable life with a very low operating cost as proven by its A Energy Rating.

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The unique curved volumetry and its highly chameleon-like envelope give the units a high degree of integration into the natural environment in which they are installed. That is why mohma is a product especially aligned with rural tourism initiatives, providing added value to resort-type businesses, glamping, and digital nomads… distinguishes itself from the competition with a product with a strong, sustainable design, focused on the well-being of the user.

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