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Captured Moments – The space changes with every moment and is influenced by various ‘relationships’ such as between people, between people and objects, between people and space, and even with the weather and moods. Therefore, designing a space may involve looking beyond the completion of construction to envision the space as it evolves over time. The team at Subtext, along with clients, collaborating firms, and artists, forms relationships that extend beyond the visible outcomes of space design. These relationships and activities continue even after a project ends, providing joy in co-creating the world and giving meaning to our lives. Café / SUBTEXT - Image 6 of 14 Café / SUBTEXT - Image 14 of 14 Café / SUBTEXT - Image 7 of 14 Cafe began with the theme “Captured Moments,” focusing not merely on the visible design but on the relationships that fill the space with each passing moment. In front of the cafe, the verdant greenery of the street trees and the shadows cast by the sunlight, the furniture filled with various stories by the artists, and the diverse expressions of people—all these moments are quietly awaited by the “Captured Moments Wall” (main metal wall). Café / SUBTEXT - Image 10 of 14 Café / SUBTEXT - Image 4 of 14

This “Captured Moments Wall” was designed to randomly and continuously capture each moment, showing clear and blurred parts and smooth and rough textures equally. Depending on the metal texture, the same material can appear different, and the displayed appearance changes with the artworks exhibited every two months. Café / SUBTEXT - Image 5 of 14 Café / SUBTEXT - Image 11 of 14

Apart from the coffee counter and the furniture where visitors can enjoy their coffee and space, we wanted to preserve the original finishes of the building. The floors are marked with the passage of time, and the walls and ceilings that show the layers of years are finished with minimal touches, respecting their aged state and the desire to use them for a long time in a world accustomed to rapid consumption. The fixed furniture is structured around the existing pillars, intentionally focusing attention on the displayed artworks. Café / SUBTEXT - Image 13 of 14

For us who handle spaces, all relationships are precious; they are the driving force behind our designs and the meaning of our lives. Cafe is precisely the space where such moments that forge relationships are captured. Café / SUBTEXT - Image 2 of 14

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