LH Residence / STARH

LH Residence / STARH

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Text description provided by the architects. LH residential building is situated in the historical center of Varna, Bulgaria. It is located at the corner of Slivnitsa Boulevard, the main pedestrian artery to the Sea Garden, and Stefan Karadja Street. The context of the building is quite vibrant due to the many historical buildings that are present, as well as the dynamic city life of the city center.

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The conviction of STARH in contemporary architecture led the design approach into definitive contemporary expression while walking the thin line between what’s modern and what’s contextual. Being aware of its responsibility, the studio took the bold step to introduce a design that strengthens the characteristics of the past and adds new qualities for the benefit of the future.

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The existing 2-storey building dates back to 1923. According to the Cultural Heritage Legislation, it does not have “immovable cultural property” status, but is categorized as “ensemble importance”. Although the building is not a protected one, the concept of preserving its appearance and decorations is developed in the project for reconstruction and re-use. The program and interior spaces have been reorganized. The building consists of four residential floors and a ground floor as a public space and café.

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The new design aims to distinguish itself from the existing one in a respectful manner. In this way, the project is fair both to the past and to the present. The area envisions new urban planning regulations, where LH is the first one to be executed. Following the new restrictions of the lot, the architectural volume is already predefined. A rigid grid is used for the façade to achieve harmony with the existing façade and not dominate it. A suspended system from fiber cement panels is used on the façades and the roof – that comes as the fifth façade.

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