K House / Atelier Design N Domain

K House / Atelier Design N Domain

K House / Atelier Design N Domain - Exterior Photography, Facade, Garden

Text description provided by the architects. ADND LLP- An existing family home set in a tropical village on outskirts of Bombay, India is given a new modern avatar and annexure befitting the tropical context. Its contemporary lines and new façade seamlessly transform the old structure into a new composition. ADND LLP- The Project, when it entered the studio, faced the challenge of retaining the original structural beam-column-slab. While the original spaces had potential in terms of their scale and proportion, they lacked the inclusivity of a tropical design. The structure sat on the site, ignoring its landscape, creating no engagement in terms of visual delight or making the inside-outside space more interactive.

K House / Atelier Design N Domain - Interior Photography, Living Room, Beam, Garden

The studio took upon itself this interesting challenge by opening the plan as much as possible as the structure would permit. Also, the attempt was to bring natural light, ventilation and nature into the footprint and not treat the environment or the landscape as a visual to be only observed from indoors.
The new design envelopes the old structure making the two seamlessly integrate with one another so that the inhabitant cannot realise the old from the new.

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ADNDLLP- The existing family farmhouse was a very traditional design that was created in the early 90s. With Windows much smaller in scale than walls and with parapet heights, the indoor spaces had very little to no connectivity with the landscape outside. Being in the tropics, design is about enjoying the outdoors in the shade. The idea of inclusivity was lacking, so we at the studio began to explore the shell structure first. Wanting to retain the beam-column-slab structure, we opened the walls of the entire premises. The next challenge was to ensure that the new program that needed to be adjusted with the old program would be seamlessly stitched in design so that the final output would look well integrated.

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The mass at the lower level was treated in contour stone slabs, with the upper structure enveloped in a wooden brise soleil. The lower mass in stone was conceived as a structure planted in mother nature and earth with its heaviness. The light fluted screen volume sitting on top complimented the lower mass in its lightness and reflecting the tropical architecture required for the region. The large open double veranda opens to the landscape and pool and allows smooth integration and transition of indoor to semi-outdoor to outdoor spaces. This becomes the nucleus of the house as it shades from the tropical sun but captures the natural breeze from the landscape while allowing vistas into nature. The drop-off Porte-cochere is perched on a large rock installation. The walls leading to the main entrance also guide the to the annexure of clubhouse.

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ADNDLLP- As designers, when a project is introduced to us, our first instinct is to evaluate the existing topography with the existing structures on it along with the vegetation. When we visited the site for the first time, we realized that though the existing structure left much to be desired in terms of design and inclusivity, it was not a bad sitting on the overall land parcel. We, as designers, took a more sensitive approach to retain the existing structure in its shell state and decided that the new design must sensitively navigate the existing shell structure and juxtapose the new design over it such that, overall, the design felt integrated and seamless.

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With an approach of sustainability and inclusivity, we addressed the client’s brief and created a design that begins a dialogue with the surrounding landscape and makes the indoor-outdoor transitions and spaces well-integrated. ADNDLLP- The design respected its original structure and instead of adopting a carte blanche approach to design, the studio sought to take a more inclusive approach of retaining the original structure and building over and around and into it. More importantly the design shows the sensitivity towards the materials used. Natural stones, wooden fins, lime wash paint/plaster are all approached of sustainable practices from with a 5km radius that allowed the structure to have a more sustainable sensitive approach.

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