LL House / RA!

LL House / RA!

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Text description provided by the architects. Under the cliffs of Tepozteco emerges LL House, where its monoliths settle as if the weathered stones of the hill had been sculpted to inhabit them. The geometric composition of the house responds to a fragmentation of prisms that join and separate to shape its internal spaces. They come together to create amplitude and disperse to retreat into solitude.

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Each of the volumes denies the views from the street, thus creating the volumetric gesture through which the house begins to be discovered. Towards the hill, the house opens its windows and expands its spaces to pay homage to the beauty of the mountains. Once crossing the Access alleys between the large blocks that compress us and guide us inside, a transition occurs where there is a brutal expansion towards the generous garden and the view of the mountains.

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The extensive garden is surrounded by the resting areas of the house: four bedrooms and the living room. The remaining fragments detach from the garden to appropriate the residual spaces, creating new courtyards and staggered views that allow the entry of natural light in the afternoon.

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The construction of the house uses a system of expanded polystyrene panels covered with a three-dimensional wire structure, through which the concrete is tinted with tones that abstract the hue of the mountain filters outward.

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