Lodge at Marconi Hotel / Home Studios

Lodge at Marconi Hotel / Home Studios

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Lodge at Marconi is a historic coastal retreat in Northern California’s dynamic Tomales Bay region that has been fully reimagined by celebrated New York-based design studio, Home Studios. Lodge at Marconi features 45 guestrooms and suites, an artful Reception Lounge, a restaurant, and beautified grounds by Bay Area-based landscape architecture studio, Dune Hai. Paying homage to Third Bay Tradition architecture, namely the progressive mid-century modernist style of Sonoma’s Sea Ranch Lodge, Lodge at Marconi is a unique project located within Marconi State Historic Park on 62 sprawling acres off Highway Route 1, providing guests with access to West Marin County’s striking natural beauty – which is weaved throughout the design.

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As its first Northern California project, Home Studios sought to create an authentic, youthful retreat, complete with modern elements inspired by the pioneering spirit of Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio. Northern California’s rugged environment served as a design influence, reflected in the natural woods and earth-tone textiles that adorn each room. The overall palette is informed by the unspoiled beauty of West Marin’s natural landscape. Each guestroom features local materials including cedar paneling, Bay Area-made Heath Ceramics tiles, and abundant millwork. As a part of Home Studios’ desire to honor and preserve the site’s character and legacy, three guest room bathrooms uniquely feature original tile dated to the 1960s. While the exterior facades of the buildings were refinished, the overall modern architecture was untouched to preserve history and character. Within the Reception Lounge, Home Studios uniquely divided the space into a variety of light-filled nooks for various uses (coworking, lounging, eating and drinking), evoking a residence and encouraging guest interaction.

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The art program at Lodge at Marconi also furthers the connection and contributes to the property’s rustic, camp-like charm within the accommodations and Reception Lounge. Highlights include wall cube art inspired by the style of Stuart Arends – painted in colors pulled from the local landscape and labeled with handwritten Latin plant names and dates, akin to field notes, as well as a custom wall tapestry by Lookout & Wonderland, a tall teapot by Linda Fahe of San Francisco’s Yonder shop, and a custom ceramic sconce from Blanc Studio.

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The Lodge at Marconi team also exercises a deep commitment to sustainability and being stewards of its land. The site’s grounds encompass 3.5 miles of walking and hiking trails for unlimited opportunities to explore and discover the property’s serene environment and natural beauty. As a part of the design, there was a focus on low water usage, utilizing local oyster shells as soil, crafting custom posts with upcycled wood from Bay Area Redwood, and contracting local installers to reduce the carbon footprint. 

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