Ultimate House / Studio 2+2

Ultimate House / Studio 2+2

Ultimate House / Studio 2+2 - Exterior Photography

Text description provided by the architects. Inspired by the cosmos and Indian mythology, clients were fascinated by the idea of exploring a refreshing take outside the conventionally straight geometrical architectural style and wished for the house to be not only a home but also a private retreat. Focusing on site-sensitive responses to the plot, a double entrance on opposite ends has been placed so that when entering, one has to climb the slope while the exit pathway is a downward slope, giving one a feeling of being in a fortress.

Ultimate House / Studio 2+2 - Exterior Photography
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It is a two-story structure that has multiple 180-degree views and balconies that overlook the landscape with a layout designed such that every area has cross-air ventilation and a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. From the main door entrance, visitors can progress through the double-height living room that connects to the dining and kitchen areas. An open-to-sky lush green central courtyard is a focal point for access to all areas. A large circular skylight disperses an ample amount of sunlight that illuminates different sections of curved areas throughout the day. The breakfast counter provides the ultimate seating space to enjoy mornings.

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The dining area is an exquisite space comprising a waterfall facing the south direction, transcending and stimulating one to a divine sense of calmness. “Noteworthy mention is the first-floor passage, which entails half marble flooring and a partial glass pathway, leaving a sensory experience of floating in the air. The magnificent wall mural reflects the story of Indian mythology,” reveals Janki Vyas Singh, who conceptualized this cosmos idea in a built form.

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The curved and sinuous layout segregates the ground floor into a double-height living area, dining, kitchen, and bedroom. The upper floor has pie-shaped rooms comprising three bedrooms and an entertainment room. The basement is a lounge space for hosting private gatherings through a spiral staircase. A narrative intertwines a tapestry of impressive details and tactile materials, concrete, glass, wood, and stone, along with soft, curvilinear, contemporary modern furniture. Luxe interior nestles in a soothing color palette, retaining a sense of calmness. The interior layout projects the gaze towards the outdoors, creating an immersive experience of the outdoor-in concept.

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Across the site, a choreography of volumes flows within, and the open-to-sky ceiling undulates towards creating light-filled spaces and internally mirroring the outer canvas, allowing the home to become a living canvas that captures the essence of every season. The family is keen on hosting gatherings and requires a separate area to host parties. The lawn is connected to the open gazebo that is further extended to an enclosed lounge, allowing the family to invite many guests. A central tree around each seating acts as an umbrella during the harsh daytime sunlight.

Ultimate House / Studio 2+2 - Exterior Photography, Facade, Windows, Garden
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A wrap-around spacious walkway integrates the landscape with the architecture and interior. Strategic use of the color red navigates and asserts the pathway instead of a way to highlight a design element. “The clients required a secluded space for pooja outside the house. We were motivated to translate the panch tatva (five elements of nature) through mediums such as the lily pond waterway passage that leads to an open pooja space where the Shivalinga sits surrounded by a jungle backdrop. At the same time, the fire is ignited for performing rituals,” states Shivansh, the landscape architect for the project.

Ultimate House / Studio 2+2 - Exterior Photography, Facade, Garden

Connecting to the natural elements and embracing proximity to the water was an integral part of the brief for the owners, and the home needed to be designed around these core ideals. A meditative landscape revolves around the circular structure with carefully chosen ayurvedic and native plant species. The narrative of the landscape is designed to incorporate several seatings from both small and large numbers, giving a unique experience for the visitors. Round house is a special form of exploration with carefully knitted internal spaces. The oculus placed at the center symbolizes the eternal presence of divine rays from the Universe – the Brahmanda above, in our daily lives. Positioning the auspicious Shivalinga in the northeast corner of the site is a symbolic expression that God is truly in nature.

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