Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES

Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES

Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Exterior Photography, Garden, Forest
Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Exterior Photography, Garden

Text description provided by the architects. Kanché is a space specialized in beverages and food prepared with national liquors and locally grown ingredients from the orchard at Kinich restaurant in Izamal, Yucatán.

Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Exterior Photography
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Traditionally, the Maya civilization cultivated vegetables, fruits, and herbs in elevated structures called Ka’anché, built with logs from endemic trees to protect crops from pests and rain.

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Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Exterior Photography, Garden

The project aims to revive this traditional practice that has gradually disappeared over time, while respecting the existing vegetation in the orchard. It emphasizes minimal construction necessary to accommodate the new program and aims to reduce environmental impact. Bioclimatic design principles were applied to optimize thermal comfort and energy efficiency, integrating the architecture with the surroundings and respecting the historical and architectural context.

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The site, located next to the Kinich Kakmó pyramid and bordered by a 1.5-meter-high stone wall, covers an area of 500 square meters that houses fruit trees, shrubs, and medicinal plants.

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The building’s location was carefully chosen to respect existing vegetation and take advantage of optimal climatic conditions for users (ventilation and sunlight), offering privileged views of the pyramid. The project is organized into three main areas: the bar, which traverses part of the terrain among trees and creates a main area for diners protected by a canopy that also serves as a garden lookout; the service area, which includes kitchen, storage, and bathrooms for diners; and the orchard, which uses existing vegetation to create different environments around the bar, blending the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Exterior Photography
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The use of local and sustainable materials was prioritized, such as zapote wood for the canopy protecting the bar, and finishes with lime and earth from southern Yucatán to naturally pigment walls and slabs. Gravel and paving stones were also used to maximize permeable ground and minimize impact on the site.

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In terms of furniture, chairs from an old city cinema were recycled, traditional tortilla-making tables were reused, and bar stools were handmade. Additionally, bottles, utensils, and pieces from local artisans were integrated into the decoration and ambiance.

Kanché Restaurant / VAGANTES - Interior Photography, Arch, Column
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To improve energy efficiency and water use, a biodigester, low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets, and waste separation systems were implemented. Treated water is reused for irrigation, and LED lighting and low-consumption kitchen equipment are used. Kanché offers a space where visitors can connect with the nature, history, and culture of Yucatán

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